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Updated May 14, 2022

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This is the Privacy & Cookies Policy (hereafter referred to as the ‘Policy’) of boxxpedia.com. This Policy explains how boxxpedia.com collects and uses information about you when you visit our website at boxxpedia.com (the “Website”).

Boxxpedia.com reserves the right to amend this Policy and shall notify you of such changes by displaying these changes on the Website. Our notice will apply to your use of the Website after we have made the changes. Please do not use the Website if you do not agree with the new Policy. Your continued use of the Website after the change takes effect indicates your agreement to be bound by the new Policy.

The policy was last updated on 14 May 2022.

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1. ICO registration: Boxxpedia.com is the controller of your personal data in terms of data protection legislation. Boxxpedia.com has notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) that it processes personal data. This notification specifies what data is processed by Boxxpedia.com and for what purposes, as well as which persons or entities the data will be disclosed to.

2. Boxxpedia.com collects the following information when you use the Website:

a) We collect information from you when you subscribe to our newsletter (specifically your name and e-mail address), submit any user-generated content (i.e., the information you submit to us when submitting such content), or participate in any chat session;

b) We collect technical information when you sign up for our newsletter, specifically the web browser you are using, including its version number, as well as some location data – specifically, your country, city, time zone and approximate latitude and longitude of your location;

c) Boxxpedia.com uses cookies and similar technologies to collect data (please refer to Clause 9 below), as well as certain other technical data, such as the links you access, your votes on reviews, which product comparisons you make, the e-mails you subscribe to, and your geographical location;

d) We may be able to access certain information about you through a social network (such as Twitter or Facebook) if you use one of those social networks, such as your Facebook ID, your friends’ names, gender, language, or the device you use. If you want to change what information we access, you can change the privacy settings on your social networks.

e) This includes certain information that we obtain through FullContact.com, which compiles a wide range of publicly available data about you into one database and makes it available to us for review.

3. In accordance with Clause 2, Boxxpedia.com may use the information about you gathered when you download and use the Website as follows:

a) The information in 2(a) and (b) is used by us to provide you with the newsletter that you requested or, in the event of user-generated content, for us to display said user-generated content on the website with, for example, your name as the author of the review or, in the case of the chat service, to answer any question directed to the chat service;

b) The information in 2(c) permits Boxxpedia.com to perform administrative tasks related to the management of the Website, to provide technical support and troubleshooting, and to tweak, tune and facilitate the improvement of the Website;

c) The information in 2(d) and (e) enables Boxxpedia.com to form a more comprehensive picture of its users and, as a result, to better serve its users;

d) The e-mail address you provide will be used to send you e-newsletters relating to our latest developments and events, links to content we think you may be interested in, promotional offers, discounts and loyalty rewards (subject to your express consent when registering or if otherwise permitted by applicable data protection and direct marketing legislation);

e) You can opt-out of such personalised advertising at any time by clicking here and following the instructions; f) all of the information in Clause 2 may be used by us to suggest appropriate Facebook groups and other community groups that you might be interested in;

f) The information in Clause 2 is used to retarget ads such as Google advertisements or Facebook advertisements appropriately, and you may opt-out of such personalised advertising at any time by clicking here or the link above;

g) To prevent abuse, all of the information in Clause 2 is used to audit IP addresses and user behavior; and

h) As outlined in Clause 5 below, all information described in Clause 2 is shared with third parties.

4. To collect the information detailed in clause 2, Boxxpedia.com relies on the legitimate interests processing ground, with the exception of that set out in 2(a), in which Boxxpedia.com relies on consent (because you can decide whether you want to sign up for a newsletter, participate in a chat or submit any user-generated content). Boxxpedia.com has a legitimate interest in collecting the personal data listed in 2(b) to (e) above, in order to provide and improve the services offered on the Website and to turn it into a profitable commercial venture. Data collected from you includes only “business card” data, not data of the kind that would outweigh your rights and freedoms as a data subject.

5. Boxxpedia.com will not pass on your information to any third parties (except as described in this clause). Under the terms of applicable data protection legislation, Boxxpedia.com may share your information with the following third parties:

a. Our affiliate partners;

b. Boxxpedia.com’s advertising partners, including Google AdSense and Amazon Associates;

c. Boxxpedia.com’s hosting partners — Siteground and Amazon AWS;

d. Boxxpedia.com’s analytics partners such as Google, SemRush and Ahrefs;

e. Boxxpedia.com’s support providers such as The Chat Shop, LiveChat, Inc., and HelpScout;

f. Boxxpedia.com’s e-mail marketing provider, Aweber, that processes newsletter data;

g. other ancillary social media and tools like Facebook, Twitter, MaxMind and Fullcontact.com;

h. Boxxpedia’s backup provider;

i. Boxxpedia.com’s internal processing is handled by other companies (such as Google G-Suite), lead generation services, payment processing services, content delivery services and a survey/quiz provider;

j. As Boxxpedia.com takes precautions to protect such information, it may share this information with its regulator (the ICO);

k. Boxxpedia.com may share the information in anonymised form with the following groups:

  • your social networks, which may combine this information with other information they hold about you – you should review the privacy policies of your social networks to see how they will use this information;
  • As part of any business restructuring or reorganisation, Boxxpedia.com’s business, or its assets, may be sold to any third party. Boxxpedia.com will take steps to protect your rights when your personal data is transferred according to this clause;
  • Users’ metrics and sales performance can be analyzed by data aggregators and platform providers;
  • Law enforcement agencies that comply with the law.

6. Boxxpedia.com is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third-party websites or advertisements. You should read the policy of every site you visit and contact its owner or operator if you have any concerns. Boxxpedia.com is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of third-party sites or Facebook and recommends you check the policy of the third-party site and contact its owner or operator if you have concerns or questions.

7. Security: Boxxpedia.com has implemented technology and policies to guard your privacy against unauthorised access. You can also change your privacy settings on your social networks to prevent us and third parties from seeing information about you.

8. Storage and Data Retention: The information you submit to obtain a newsletter is suppressed as soon as you unsubscribe from it; the information you submit as user-generated content is deleted as soon as you object to it being used by us.; (We delete the information you provide to participate in a chat once the purpose for providing that information is completed and, at the latest, 13 months after you have participated in such a chat; and (iv) the other information in 2(b) to (e) will be retained indefinitely since it is not highly sensitive personal data and, in fact, much of it is non-personally identifiable and is required for historic reasons to improve the overall user experience. All information collected by us is stored on our servers or those of third parties. When we store your personal data outside the EEA, we ensure that such transfers are compliant with applicable data protection legislation.

9. Cookies:

a) Cookies: a brief introduction When you access a website, small text files are stored on your computer. Boxxpedia.com uses cookies. A session cookie allows you to move from page to page within the Website, and any information you enter will be saved but will be deleted whenever you close the Website. In the future, we can use persistent cookies to remember your preferences and settings.

b) Disabling Cookies: The use of the cookies described above improves the functionality of the Website and your experience of using it. Changing the settings within the Website, or on your device, will enable you to disable these cookies. The disabling of cookies may prevent you from accessing parts of the Website, and some of its features may not function properly. You consent to the relevant cookies being set on your device by continuing to use the Website, including using social networking media functionality. You can change your browser settings by clicking the appropriate link as follows: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and/or Safari.

c) Third-Party Cookies: Third-party advertisers may place or read cookies on your browser or device. This Policy only applies to Boxxpedia.com’s use of cookies and not those of third parties (such as advertisers or social media companies).

d) For more information on how cookies work, how to manage and delete them, and to see which cookies have been set, visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org.

Boxxpedia.com uses cookies in the following ways:

Cookie Type Purpose Opt-outs
Performance Cookies Boxxpedia.com uses both persistent cookies and session cookies to, for example, facilitate navigation around the Website, enhance your experience on the Website, and support graphics and video; Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and/or Safari
Google Analytics Boxxpedia.com uses Google Analytics to gather the following data: (i) your web browser and version number; (ii) your IP address; (iii) information about your behaviour on our Website, such as which pages you visit and how long you spend on each page; (iv) your Operating System and version number; (v) your Platform (i.e., whether you are accessing our Website via desktop, mobile, or tablet); (vi) your screen resolution; and (vii) any other data points as Google Analytics
Google Ads We and our partners at Google use cookies to personalize and serve ads to our users based on information you have provided to your Google Account, data from advertisers that partner with us, and Google’s estimation of your interests. Google Adsense
Web Analytics Boxxpedia.com uses cookies to collect information about how users use the Website, such as how long they spend on particular sections of the Website, how often they visit the Website, what they do, and what they view, and if they find our App difficult to use. These cookies also assist boxxpedia.com in analyzing and making predictions about its users as a whole – for example, where they are from, and what they are interested in.






Push Notifications Boxxpedia.com uses Push Monkey to communicate with its users through web push notifications and to optimize its service. Push Monkey collects data using cookies and other technologies (Subscription Identifier, device type, browser information, geographic location). Push Monkey
10. If you would like to: (i) access a copy of the personal data that we hold about you; (ii) correct any personal data that we hold about you; and/or (iii) request that any personal data that we hold about you be erased or object to our processing of such personal data, please contact us using the contact details set out below in Clause 11.

11. Boxxpedia.com actively moderates user-generated content, but if you would like such content removed, please contact this form.
Boxxpedia.com Details: You can contact boxxpedia.com if you have any questions or comments about this Policy. You can complete this form or write to us at “300 Fremont St, San Francisco, California 94105”. At any time, you can also file a complaint with our supervisory authority.

Terms of Use (the “Terms”)

Boxxpedia.com (“Website”) (“we”) and you (the “parties”) are bound by these Terms. This Policy applies to users and visitors to the Website. By using this Site, you agree to these Terms as well as our Privacy and Cookies Policy, which forms part of these Terms. It is your responsibility to read the Terms carefully before using the Site.

1. Use of the Website

     1.   1.1. Using the Website is subject to the following restrictions:

              1.  1. A. Posting or sending harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable mail;

              2.  1.B. fraudulently, falsely, deceptively, misleadingly, or deceitfully, or with this purpose or effect;

              3.  1. C. Interfering with any other user’s use or enjoyment of the Website;

              4.  1.D. adware, spyware, trojan horses, worms, time-bombs or any other programs that adversely affect computer software or hardware;

               5.  1. E. To send or post any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material (such as spam);

               6.  1. F. Promotes or encourages any behavior that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise be contrary to the law of, or infringe upon the rights of, any third party in any country;

               7.  1.G. in any way that violates any patent, trade mark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property rights of anyone, including content that you are not licensed to share under any law or contractual relationship.

         2.   1.2. We do not permit any automated query program, bot, spider, or other to be deployed at any time on our Website. Content on the Website may not be scraped, crawled, cached, or otherwise accessed. Automated systems or software that extract data from the Website for commercial purposes, such as ‘screen scraping,’ is prohibited unless you have a written license agreement with Boxxpedia.com that permits you to do so.

        3.   1.3. Any material you send or post to the Website shall not be considered to be confidential or proprietary, with the exception of any reviews you post and any personally identifiable information (which is covered by our Privacy and Cookies Policy). We will not be obligated to host, display, or otherwise use any such material, and we will be free to do so anywhere in the world.

2.   2. Intellectual Property

        1.   2.1. Content on this Website (including articles, photographs, images, texts, fonts, and designs) is our property as well as our licensors’ property (unless otherwise indicated) and is protected by copyright, trademarks (both registered and unregistered), database rights, design rights, and other intellectual property rights.

       2.   2.2. You may access, retrieve, display and print one copy of the content of this Website on a computer screen or other device connected to the Internet, provided that you;

             1. 2. A. Maintain all copyright and proprietary notices; and

             2.  2. B. It may not be reproduced, copied, distributed, resold or used for commercial purposes.

       3.    2.3. Please use our feedback form if you wish to reproduce any of our Website content commercially (including as part of any company website). We reserve the right not to allow the reproduction of any of our content.

3   3. Our Liability



      3.   3.3. This Website, subject to clause 3.1, does not provide professional advice or detailed guidance. WE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY RELIANCE PLACED BY YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY ON ANY OF THE CONTENT ON THE WEBSITE. Despite my best efforts to ensure that content on the Website is relevant, reputable, and of high quality, I MAKE NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED IN RELATION TO THE CONTENT.

      4.    3.4. Users of the Website are able to post reviews of hosting providers and other online services on the Website. Boxxpedia.com does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in these reviews. Clause 3.1 states that we are not responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the reviews, nor are we liable for any damages you might suffer, including injury to your reputation, arising from your use of the reviews.

      5.    3.5. Other websites and materials linked to the Website are beyond our control. Please note that, as per clause 3.1, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONTENT ON ANY THIRD PARTY WEBSITE.

      6.    3.6. Advertising and sponsorship are available on the Website. It is the responsibility of advertisers and sponsors to ensure that all material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with applicable laws and industry codes of practice. As stated in clause 3.1, WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY ERROR OR INACCURACY IN ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP MATERIALS OR FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE YOU SUFFER AS A RESULT OF SUCH ADVERTISING OR SPONSORSHIP.

       7.    3.7. You agree to the above exclusions and limitations of liability, taking into account that the Website displays information and reviews about products and services of third parties.

4. 4. We do not guarantee that the Website will meet your requirements. There is no guarantee that the Website will be error-free. If you encounter a problem with the Website, please report it using our feedback form and we will make every effort to correct it as soon as possible. You may occasionally be restricted from accessing the Website for reasons such as repairs, maintenance, or the introduction of new services. Our goal is to restore the Website as soon as possible.

5  5. General Terms

      1.   5.1. The Terms may be updated from time to time for legal or regulatory reasons or to ensure that the Website functions properly. We will notify you whenever the Terms are updated. Our notice of the changes will apply to the use of the Website after we have made them. We recommend that you do not use the Website if you do not agree with the new Terms. You agree to be bound by the new Terms if you continue to use the Website after the date on which the change becomes effective.

     2.    5.2. You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms.

     3.    5.3. If we decide not to exercise or enforce any rights that we have against you at a particular time, this does not prevent us from exercising or enforcing that right at a later time.

     4.    5.4. We shall not be liable for any breach of these Terms caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

6 6. Law and Jurisdiction

      1.   6.1. The laws of England and Wales govern these Terms and any claims arising from or related to them or your use of the Website. If there are any disagreements, we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible. In the event you are not happy with the way we resolve any disagreement and wish to initiate court proceedings, you must do so in the English and Welsh courts.

     2.   6.2. We make no promises that materials on the Website are appropriate or available for use in locations outside the United Kingdom, and access to the Website from territories where its content is illegal or unlawful is prohibited. Please note that you are responsible for compliance with local laws if you choose to access this Website from locations outside the United Kingdom.

Please use our feedback form or writing to us at 300 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 if you would like to contact us about these Terms or about Boxxpedia.com generally.

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